Ale & Igal's Beautiful Jewish Ceremony in Santiago, Chile

I knew I liked this couple as soon as I met the groom. He said he was worried about crying and that he had asked her 3 times to go out before she finally said yes. He was sooo in love and I was so honored to be there for their big day, especially such a beautiful one. Ale was stunning and Igal was so happy to be marrying her. Their ceremony was at Hotel Santiago and was absolutely gorgeous. I really enjoyed seeing the Jewish traditions such as the seven walks around the groom, the chuppah, the Sheva B'rachot, breaking of the glass, and the DANCING. Celebrity performers The Reggaeton Boys even showed up to perform. They really knew how to have a good time and I felt so lucky to be there to capture it. Thank you to Andres Medina for letting me shoot with him.

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